JULY 2020

Thankyou very much for your patience and resilience during these trying times.

As you may be aware the government has now given us guidelines regarding vistors to Nursing homes.

We would like to inform you that we are now ‘Partailly Open’ to visitors but there are some strict guidelines that must be adhered to in order to keep our residents safe. We have up until now remained totally free of the Coronavirus here at Meadowview and now more than ever we must be especially careful. Our residents health and wellbeing remains our very top priority.

  • In order to be able to visit your friend or relative you will need to make an appointment with the home.
  • Only one member from one household is permitted to visit once a week in a controlled environment
  • The visit should be kept as much as possible to 30 minutes only
  • Please note that you will be asked some health questions and must sign a declaration before your visit commences
  • You will also be required to have your temperature checked and must wear a mask for the duration of the visit

Thank you all for your kind thoughts, messages, gifts and above all the encouragement and support you have all shown over the last few months.

Our residents have missed seeing their loved ones and we have all missed seeing you but please lets be safe and practice social distancing

Sandra and the Team at Meadowview

JUNE 2020

Thank you to you all for not visiting your loved ones over the past few months. It is never an easy decision for us to make when we have to restrict relatives and friends from visiting their loved ones in our home. Unfortunately we had to follow advice to protect all of our residents from catching the coronavirus as much as we could and therefore stopped all visitors to the home.

I personally wanted to reassure you that we are doing all we can to continue to support our residents at this concerning time for us all.

Our priority will always be our residents who are most vulnerable and who now more than ever need our continued support. 

As you can imagine we are monitoring the coronavirus situation daily and are in regular contact with Public Health England, Oxfordshire County Council and the NHS and are doing all we can to maintain the health and wellbeing of our Residents.

Over the last month we have completed testing of all our residents and staff for infection of Covid-19. It is with great pleasure that I am able to say, as of today we currently have no positive cases of Covid-19 in any of the Residents or Staff

This is fantastic news and a credit to the hard work and efforts of our staff as well as the compliance of relatives and friends not visiting that has helped to protect our residents. This of course doesn’t mean the threat of Covid-19 has ended and we will remain diligent to its potential dangers. We are fully aware of how quickly things can change, particularly with the easing of lockdown restrictions and the potential threat of a second wave of the virus.

Following the relaxing of lockdown rules in England on 1st June, we felt it was important to confirm that our no-visitor policy will remain in place at this time. While the Government changed the guidance for people in the shielded group, they stated that the instructions to care homes have not changed and the advice to not visit still stands. Our no-visitor policy will continue alongside these guidelines.

As the rules change in other parts of life we understand that the desire to visit your loved ones becomes even stronger and it is our aim to allow visits as soon as we are safely able to do so. However, this will only be the case when we are sure the risks to our residents are minimised, as we are conscious that due to the vulnerability of the people in our care any decisions taken in haste now could have a terrible impact later down the line. I’m sure you will understand our thinking behind this and we appreciate the patience and support that you have all given us throughout the Covid-19 outbreak

We will continue to review our visiting policy and for the time-being our home will still be closed to visitors. As some aspects of life are starting to return to normal, it remains to be seen how this may impact future infection rates of Covid-19. With the people in our care so vulnerable to the virus, we feel the most sensible course of action is to monitor any developments over the next few weeks and review our policy in line with this. At that point, should the infection rate remain low and the risks reduced, we will look to implement socially distanced visits for our residents. If there are any further concerns over the safety of these visits then it is likely we will remain closed until we can completely satisfy these.

We have had several enquiries about visits over the last few weeks and I know how much you are all missing your loved ones, so I want to assure you that this decision has only been made in their best interests. Contact with loved ones is important for all of our residents, but only if it does not put them at any risk. It is vitally important that we do not relax our measures too early, as this will undo all of the good work we have undertaken to protect your relatives and loved ones. By being patient and waiting a little longer we can ensure we start to return to normal in the safest possible manner. I thank you once again for bearing with us as we work together to put our residents safety first.

Thank you for your ongoing support at this very difficult and unprecedented time. You have made a difference in some very vulnerable peoples lives.

Take care, stay safe and thank you for your support and understanding.